Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stuff you just have to get!!!!

Okay - Here are some more items with more to come. Remember you can get your tickets at Twist Yarn Shop, Accent Interiors or Plymouth Congregational.

Dani Davis, of the Flying Pig Boutique, donated some of her Foaming Salt Scrub. This one is scented in Spearmint Eucalyptus.

Deborah McPherson donated this painted pot lid and it comes with a plate hangar.

Here is a painted spoon donated by Deborah. It has "Love a Good Book" on the back of the spoon.

Deborah also donated a whole basket of handmade soaps in a variety of scents and shapes.

I couldn't resist making this cross stitch design from Lizzie Kate: Peace, Love, and a Cure.

Abigail's Aprons donated this unisex barbeque apron with swimming fish motif.


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